Rachel Carson Trail run

A 7-mile group run on the Rachel Carson Trail

Join us for an easy-paced trail run on the beginning segment of the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge course. All running levels are welcome, but please know: this run is intended to be leisurely with no sprinting! No persons left behind! We will meet at the Harmar Pavilion, North Park, which is the starting point for the Challenge this year. This is an out-and-back expedition. Planned distance: 3.5 miles out, giving us a total of 7 miles at completion.

This run may serve as a great introduction to the Challenge course.

Dress for the weather and trail conditions. Be self-sufficient regarding hydration and nutrition.

Update Note there are several stream crossings along this section, which may not be fordable without getting wet shoes.

There is no registration, just show up on time. This event is FREE and open to everyone!