Second Chance Registration

The Rachel Carson Trail Challenge may be full, but there's still hope

On Saturday, June 5 at 4:00 PM EDT, Second Chance Registration for the 34-Mile Rachel Carson Trail Challenge will open. At that time, spots will become available through the normal registration system at

Between now and then, we are offering partial refunds to anyone wishing to relinquish their spot in the Challenge. An email broadcast to all registered participants has been sent with instructions on the refund process.

On the morning of June 5, we will post on the home page the number of spots available, and at 4 PM will be updated to reflect this, and registration will again be permitted until those spots are all taken.

If you're unsuccessful at getting a spot during Second Chance Registration, you will have one final opportunity with Standby Registration.

Please note:

  • Each spot is filled when the registration process is completed, not when it is started. Thus, it's possible that you will fill in your registration information and submit it, only to find all the spots taken by those who are faster typists. So, have a working credit card number and expiration date ready.
  • The fee for the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge during Second Chance Registration is $90.
  • If you wanted to do the Full Challenge but have already signed up for the Homestead Challenge, you may use this process to try to get a spot in the Full Challenge. If you are successful, your Homestead Challenge registration fee would be partially refundable if the Homestead Challenge sells out. The refund won't happen automatically, you will need to request it.