Annual Road Cleanup

Spring trash cleanup along roads used by our trails
  • When Apr 01, 2019 12:00 AM to May 31, 2019 12:00 AM (America/New_York / UTC-400)
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Help clean up the trail! We provide the supplies, you help beautify the trail by cleaning up a section at your convenience this spring. Contact Donna Stolz to participate!

Harmony Trail North TerminusRoute 910 parking areaK. Ganster, P. Sauers, R. Reiland
Brooktree Rd, Brooker RdBrooktree Office Park to edge of North ParkK. Ganster, P. Sauers, R. Reiland
McKinney RdSoccer field entrance to Bluebird fieldK. Ganster, P. Sauers, R. Reiland
Brown Rd, Pearce Mill RdSkating rink to Pearce Mill at Brown Rd.K. Ganster, P. Sauers, R. Reiland
Pearce Mill, Wildwood RdBoat launch ramp and along spillway to ArboretumK. Ganster, P. Sauers, R. Reiland
Sample RdSample Rd railroad tracks to Crouse RunK. Ganster, P. Sauers, R. Reiland
McCully RdMcCully Rd to Cedar Run RdJ. Armstrong, T. Armstrong
Wagner Rd, Church Ln, Shaffer Run Rd, Cedar Run RdWagner Rd to Cedar Run Rd at Route 910J. Armstrong, T. Armstrong
Route 910Cedar Run Rd across turnpike bridge
Saxonburg BlvdSaxonburg Blvd around Deer Creek bridge
Eisele Rd, Cove Run RdEisele Rd to Emmerling ParkS. English 4/27 9:30 AM meet near Emmerling Park
Rich Hill RdRich Hill Rd crossing
Lefever Hill Rd, Little Deer Creek Rd, Log Cabin RdLefever Hill Rd near railroad underpass to Log Cabin Hill Rd gas line
Yutes Run RdYutes Run Rd at gas line to Tawney Run Rd railroad gradeL. Shaner 4/27 8:30 AM meet at Springdale Township Municipal Bldg
Marion AvMarion Av end to end
Freeport Rd, Riddle Run RdFreeport Rd at gas line to end of Riddle Run Rd
Riddle Run Rd, Murray Hill RdRiddle Run Rd at Agan Park entrance to Murray Hill Rd utility corridor

T. Benedek-Grimm & North Park Trail Runners

Murray Hill RdMurray Hill Rd at utility corridor to Magnolia Room
Bailey's Run RdAlong Bailey's Run Rd
Bakerstown RdAround Bakerstown Rd crossingK. Fissell, E. Matthews 4/18 5:30 PM meet at Crawford Run Rd. Sheetz
Bull Creek Rd lotParking lot at Bull Creek Rd and Ridge Rd

A. Nelson & North Park Trail Runners 

Bull Creek Rd, Ridge RdRidge Rd from Bull Creek Rd
Burtner RdBurtner Rd crossing
Donnellville Rd, Saxonburg Rd, Alter RdDonnellville Rd at tower access rd to Alter Rd at Strobert Ln
Altermoor Dr, Veterans Ln, Freeport RdAltermoor Dr at gas line to Freeport Rd crossing
Rachel Carson Trail East TerminusFreeport Rd and parking area across from Eastern Terminus