Baker Ultra

Baker Ultra

Still time to register for the August 28th event!

The 17th annual Baker Trail UltraChallenge takes place on Saturday, August 28th.  Tackle this 50-mile race solo or as a relay team of up to five members. The course is divided into five relay legs, each roughly ten miles in length. This year we're on the scenic Central section of the Baker Trail. You'll run through rolling farmlands, alongside Amish buggies and right past the Mahoning Dam. 

Race starts in Summerville, PA, and finishes at a gorgeous farmhouse in Smicksburg, PA. Camping at the farmhouse on Friday night is encouraged. A complimentary shuttle to start line is available in the morning. 

Quick Links: 

  1. Event details and registration: click here 
  2. July 20th Informational  / Q & A session video recording: click here 
  3. July 20th presentation slides: click here 
  4. Photos from the Baker Ultra 2018 event on the Central section: click here 
  5. Volunteers are always needed! Learn more and/or sign up: click here 

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