Goldstein Goes for Gold

August 27, 2022 - South Section

Race day conditions were slightly better than last year. At the start line it was humid and temperatures were in the low 60s, rising into the low 80s in the afternoon as the sun dried the air. More than 80% of the starters finished, a considerable improvement over last year's 69%.

Neal Krone led the first half of the race, followed closely by first-time solo runner Daniel Goldstein. Once Dan took the lead after mile 22, he held onto it to the finish. Dan finished about 27 minutes ahead of Neal, followed by Shannon McKenzie, the first female finisher, three minutes later.

Shannon chased Neal all morning and passed him around the midpoint, but in the final 8 miles Neal surged ahead to finish second overall. The second female finisher, Dagmar Paul, finished about 50 minutes behind Shannon.

We had 88 solo runners start, with 72 finishing within the 14 hour time limit.

In the relay race, Beers and Years maintained a commanding lead all day, finishing more than 90 minutes ahead of Working On My Six Pack.

Congratulations to these twelve solo runners who earned the the final piece of the medal and the accompanying rolling pin display. Four of them took home pin #2!

  • Karen Clarke
  • Roman Danyliw (his second)
  • James Gehenio (his second)
  • Chris Jamieson
  • Michael Jones (his second)
  • Evie Kaszer
  • Ryan Leppo
  • Matthew Stopper
  • Jeff Syphrit
  • Jeremy Troup
  • Brett Wiley (his second)
  • Stephen Wilson

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who make the UltraChallenge happen: Alex Baker, Joanie Baker, Lucia Barroso, Dewaine Beard, Lisa Beers, Stephen Beers, Charles Brethauer, Paula Brethauer, Matt Brownlee, Patty Brunner, Lloyd Clarke, Valarie Corle, Mimi Corsetti, Tom Davis, Vivienne Deily-Nelson, Jeff Fairman, Kate Fissell, Larry Fuksa, Mark Gibson, Jerry Hoffman, Greg Hood, Andrew Karnavas, Ryan Knecht, Alynn Kramer, Vera Krekanova, John Krofcheck, Joe Kulbacki, Eric Longwell, Frank Matousek, Kara Mostowy, Karen Muirhead, Susan Nelson, Eugene Rynkowski, Ken Shirley, Kevin Snyder, Donna Stolz, Joli Studley Cibik, David Syiek, Bob Vickers, Kelly Wilding, Brenda Willett, Donald Ziegler, and Judy Ziegler.

And many thanks to our generous sponsors this year, and Rebecca Slak and Hisham Youssef!

— Steve Mentzer