Foot Care


About foot care.

Address the issue of why you are developing a blister. Have laces snug and enough clearance so you don't slide into the toe box on downhill. This is a painful reality on the many hills of the Rachel Carson Trail. If your blister is on the side of your big toe, perhaps your shoe toe-box is too small. Consider a wider width or perhaps New Balance, Asics or Brooks which have wider toe boxes.

Basic information about blisters:

From my experience, BLISTER BLOCK and BLISTER TREATMENT are similar; either may be used to prevent or treat blisters. Band Aid Blister Block may be the better of the two.

IF YOU SUSPECT YOU MIGHT GET A BLISTER, APPLY THE PADS BEFORE YOU HIKE. If you know of a problem area on your feet, then clean and blow-dry your feet and apply (at home, under good conditions). Dry heat will activate the adhesive even better.

For protection before a blister develops, I like MOLE SKIN. It really sticks, prevents friction and can be cut to any size.

I think I would apply moleskin prior to hiking to cover sensitive areas, then carry Band-Aid Blister Block, a few alcohol wipes and clean socks.

Molefoam is a thicker, adhesive foam padding, which can be cut in a protective donut-circle to pad and cushion a blister, corn, etc.

Band Aid Blister Block UPC 81370 04796
Helps heal and prevent blisters Provides pain relief with cushioning material. Multi-day use with body-heat-Activated adhesive

Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus Padding
Features Soft, smooth cotton flannel padding Helps relieve painful shoe friction Self-stick adhesive, cuts to size Available in strips or in a value-size roll

Dr. Scholl's Molefoam Padding
Features Extra-soft, smooth cotton flannel padding Helps relieve painful shoe friction Moleskin plus soft latex foam Self-stick adhesive, cuts to size

Dr Scholl's Cushlin Blister Treatment UPC 11017 36012
Features Helps Heal and Prevent Blisters Stays comfortably in place Thin and flexible to conform to the heel and other areas of the foot Sterilized for safe use on open blisters Nearly invisible Water-resistant