Barb Peterson Memorial Trail Orientation Hikes

Rachel Carson Trail Challenge Saturday June 24, 2017

On this Barb Peterson Memorial Trail Orientation series of hikes, we will prepare for the Challenge by tracing the route just as you will encounter it on June 24.

  • Everyone is welcome; you do not need to be entered into the Challenge to participate.
  • These hikes can be strenuous. The objective is to acclimate you to the trail and get you accustomed to following it in the direction of this year's Challenge. Leaders will be maintaining an average pace of about 2.4 miles per hour or 25 minutes, 18 seconds per mile (25:18).
  • You don't need to notify the hike leader that you plan to attend. Simply show up on time.
  • Please bring at least a quart of water (more if the temperature will be warm) and some energy snacks (e.g. Powerbar).
  • We will meet at the hike end point and carpool to the start point, leaving a sufficient number of cars behind to carry people back to the start when the hike is over.
  • The minimum unaccompanied age is 12.
  • All hikes meet at 8 AM. Plan for each hike to take 6 hours (up to 4 hours for the hike plus up to 2 hours for sign-in, announcements, car shuttling, and so forth).
  • The hikes are free. A suggested donation of $3 per person may be given to the hike leader on the day of the hike.

    Saturday, June 3
    North Park Harmar to Emmerling Park
    Leader: Donna Stolz 412-303-6102 Robert Reiland 412-728-517210.3 miles
    3:58 duration
    Climbing 1550 ft Descending 1903 ft
    This hike begins at the Harmar Shelter in North Park, climbs up and over the park, down into Crouse Run valley and Hampton Nature Preserve, up to one of the highest points in Allegheny County, passes Hidden Pond, and finishes with some road-walking, ending in Emmerling Park.Meet at Emmerling Park. Directions: Follow Route 910 along the Yellow Belt and turn onto Cove Run Road (adjacent to Emmerling Ice Cream) for 0.3 miles. Map
    Sunday, June 4
    Emmerling Park to Freeport Road
    Leader: Donna Stolz 412-303-6102 Robert Reiland 412-728-51728.6 miles
    3:35 duration
    Climbing 1777 ft Descending 1840 ft
    This hike heads up and out of Emmerling Park, up Rich Hill, Lefever Hill and Log Cabin hill, heading towards Springdale. We end at Freeport Road in Springdale.Meet at the Springdale Veterans Association Hall parking lot in Springdale. Directions: Take Route 28 to Exit #12A (Pittsburgh Mills). At the end of the ramp, turn away from the mall on the main entrance road, then turn left onto Tawney Run Road. After about 1/2 mile turn right on Riddle Run Road. Follow this road until it ends at Freeport Road and turn right. The Springdale Veterans Association Hall entrance will be on your right in about 1/4 mile. Park on the right side of the building, on the gravel portion of the lot. Map
    Saturday, June 10
    Freeport Road to Bull Creek Road
    Leader: Robert Reiland 412-728-5172 Ben Brucker 412-720-47678.9 miles
    4:05 duration
    Climbing 2450 ft Descending 2407 ft
    This hike begins in Springdale and follows the picturesque bluffs along the Allegheny River, then tackles Murray hill, Crawford Run hill, and more. It ends at Bull Creek Road near Tarentum.Meet at the parking area at the intersection of Bull Creek Road and Ridge Road. Directions: Take Route 28 to Exit #14 (Tarentum). Turn north on Bull Creek Road for a very short distance, turn right on Ridge Road, then immediately turn into the parking area on the right. Map
    Sunday, June 11
    Bull Creek Road to Harrison Hills Park ELC
    Leader: Bob Mulshine 412-741-0862 Robert Reiland 412-728-51727.7 miles
    3:22 duration
    Climbing 1809 ft Descending 1496 ft
    This hike begins at Bull Creek Road near Tarentum with about a mile of uphill road hiking. Soon we hit Burtner Hill, one of the biggest and toughest hills on the Trail, followed by some easy and pleasant terrain along the bluffs over the Allegheny River and ending in Harrison Hills Park.Meet at the Environmental Learning Center in Harrison Hills Park. Take Route 28 to exit 16, turn east (right if exiting northbound) at the end of the ramp, then right again at the T-intersection with Freeport Road. The park is about one mile down on the left. Take the left fork of the Park entrance road, then the next left and follow it up to the ELC. Map