Participant Information - Homestead Challenge

Rachel Carson Trail Homestead Challenge 2008 - Saturday, June 21

This document is for the 18-Mile Homestead Challenge.
For the 34-Mile Rachel Carson Trail Challenge, click here
For the 8-Mile Family Challenge, click here


The Homestead Challenge will take place rain or shine. Upon arrival at the Springdale High School, all participants must first check in at the registration table. This is so we can record your participation and you can pick up your ID tag and maps. You may optionally pick up your tag and map Friday evening, in which case you don't need to check in at the table. Please pin the tag on your right side at waist level so it can be scanned at the start and each Checkpoint. Memorize the number on the tag as it will be called out at each checkpoint when it is scanned. You are responsible for ensuring your tag is properly scanned! Registration opens at 8:30 AM.


Make sure you let the Marshal scan your tag at the start so we know you've left and have an accurate start time. Registration closes at 9:30 AM.


There are two checkpoints on the Homestead Challenge, each with water, snacks, basic first aid, cell phones and radio communications. You must reach each checkpoint by the indicated cutoff time or you will be required to drop out.

CheckpointMiles OutOpening TimeCutoff Time
Springdale High School (map)0.08:30 AM9:30 AM
Log Cabin Road Checkpoint 1 (map)3.99:30 AM11:30 AM
Shaffer Road Checkpoint 2 (map)10.410:30 AM2:15 PM
North Park Finish (map)18.612:00 PM5:36 PM


There is no shuttle service to the Checkpoints! If you drop out at a Checkpoint and cannot arrange your own ride, the Trail Marshals will do their best to assist you in securing transportation. However, this is not guaranteed and you will almost certainly be required to wait, perhaps for several hours, for someone to take you. If you drop out between Checkpoints, you will need to find transportation yourself or wait by the trail for the Trail Sweeps to come through and they will assist you as best they can.

ID Tags

You must turn in your ID tag in order to receive your t-shirt. If you drop out and don't make it to the finish, please give the tag to the supervisor of the closest Checkpoint. If you do not return your tag you will be charged a $5 replacement fee.


The t-shirts are distributed at the North Park finish. You will be required to turn in your ID tag in order to receive your shirt. If you drop out, be sure to stop by the finish and collect yours.


The Homestead Challenge is a point-to-point course, not a loop. When you finish you will be 18 miles away from where you started. You have two parking options:

  1. Park at North Park (the finish) and take the early shuttle to Springdale High School. The benefit of this option is you will be at your car when you finish the Challenge. Note that you will need to park in the overflow parking area at the swimming pool (map), as the Beaver Shelter parking lot will be full and the shuttle will not stop there. Do not park along the road near the Shelter, as you may be ticketed by the police.
  2. Park at Springdale High School (the start), do the Challenge, then wait for the shuttle to take you back from North Park. The drawback is you will need to wait for the shuttle (perhaps 90 minutes or more) after you finish the Challenge (also note that the shuttle starts running at 1 PM). However, there will be food and drink at the finish for you to partake while waiting.

You cannot park overnight on Friday at either the start or finish. No vehicles are permitted to remain there overnight, with or without occupants.

Trailhead Shuttle Itinerary

The trailhead shuttle bus will arrive at the North Park swimming pool parking lot at 8:00 AM, load for 10 minutes, then depart. You must be on time for the shuttle, it will not wait for you!

Afternoon Shuttle Itinerary

The afternoon shuttle bus will start running from North Park at 1 PM. The bus will make these stops, depending on passenger needs. When you board, please let the driver know where you need to go.

  • North Park swimming pool overflow parking lot
  • Hartwood Acres Park parking lot
  • Springdale High School parking lot
  • Harrison Hills Park Bobwhite shelter parking lot


  • To North Park swimming pool lot: From Pittsburgh, take I279 North to the McKnight Road exit and travel 6.4 miles north. Take the North Park/Ingomar Rd. exit east and turn right at the third traffic light onto Babcock Blvd. Stay in the left lane and turn left onto Hemlock Drive. Turn left again into the pool parking lot, then park in the first available spot on your left. Map
  • To Springdale High School: Take Route 28 to Exit #12A (Pittsburgh Mills). At the end of the ramp, turn away from the mall on the main entrance road, then turn left onto Tawney Run Road. At the first stop sign, turn right onto Butler Road and follow it 2.0 miles. Turn left on Marion Avenue; the parking lot is on your left in about 1/4 mile. Map
  • To Checkpoint 1: Take Route 28 to Exit #12. Turn right at the end of the ramp, then right at the stop sign onto Little Deer Creek Road (aka Russellton Road). Travel about 1.5 miles and turn right on Log Cabin Road. Park about 100 yards ahead on the right. Map
  • To Checkpoint 2: Follow Route 910 along the Yellow Belt to 1/2 mile west of the Saxonburg Blvd. intersection and turn onto Cedar Run Rd. (at the Sunflower Valley Market). Travel about 1 mile (stay left onto Shaffer Road at fork) to a wide area in the road where you may park on the left. Map


  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink lots of liquid in small amounts at a steady, frequent rate. You should be carrying at least two quarts.
  • Water and snacks will be available at each checkpoint, every 7-8 miles.
  • Wear a hat and use a high-SPF sunblock. You'll be outside all day.
  • Watch the weather forecast closely to know what gear to bring; the Challenge will happen rain or shine.
  • Stay on the trail. Shortcuts may not be fair to other participants and can upset landowners.
  • Backtrack to find the last trail blaze and reassess your direction if you haven't seen a blaze in a hundred yards or so, as you may have missed a turn.
  • Resist forging ahead or spending time trying to "hook up" with the trail if you lose it; this rarely works to your benefit.
  • Respect private property! Much of the Rachel Carson Trail crosses privately owned land and the owners graciously allow us there; do not impose upon any landowner you may encounter.
  • Clean up any trash you bring and any you encounter along the way. There are trash receptacles at each checkpoint.
  • Stop if you feel sick! You won't be alone, plenty of participants don't finish.
  • Check in at each checkpoint. This is how we keep track of you! You must have a time recorded at every checkpoint or your finish time will be disqualified.


We need quite a few volunteers to help us stage the Challenge. Please cajole and/or coerce your friends, relatives and co-workers into helping! Check out the Volunteers page for details.