Meditative hike

Enjoy the stillness of the quiet winter season on a 3-mile meditative hike

On this hike, our focus will be on the winter sights, sounds, and beauty that surround us. This hike is an opportunity for you to explore the outdoors while fully engaging your senses. We'll begin with some diaphragmatic breath work before the hike, and end with a simple guided meditation. No meditation experience is necessary!

The hike is three miles on a mix of paved and dirt roads. We'll start with an intention of mindfulness, stop once or twice for 5-10 minutes, and finish with a brief meditative practice. We'll also learn and practice being mindful along the way.

People who don't want to meditate can still participate, though we ask everyone for silence while the rest of the group practices.

Dogs who can remain quiet and behaved during the meditations are welcome.

No equipment or gear is needed, but please wear clothes appropriate for the weather.

FREE and open to everyone (no need to sign up)!