Reiland, Robert

Reiland, Robert


Describe your background, interests, and vocation.

Distance running was one of my main hobbies for about 55 years, but I did some hiking during that time as well. I once hiked in the Swiss Alps (1984) and frequently hiked in Moraine State Park during a ten-year period when living in Portersville. Five years ago I was introduced to hiking on trails in northern Pennsylvania. Then I started looking for trails and volunteer possibilities north of Pittsburgh and joined the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy as a trail steward. I also volunteered in support of two Rachel Carson Trail Challenges and two Baker Trail UltraChallenges. After working as a Challenge volunteer, I entered and completed the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge twice. This year I hope to again complete the Challenge.

I am a retired high school science teacher and track and cross-country coach. I grew up working on small farms, and some of the skills I learned at that time translate well to building and maintaining trails.

Why would you like to be on the RCTC Board?

During the past two years I have held the office of president of the RCTC Board. I will be stepping down from that position at the end of my 3-year term on the Board, but I have learned to value and understand the work done by the board, and I am impressed with the collective knowledge of our Board Directors and enjoy working with them. The work we do matters, and this has been especially true during the last year when many people have been looking for opportunities for healthy exercise and recreation in many ways and finding hiking to be one of the best and safest options. I simply want to continue to be a part of this important work.

I also want to help the new Board president to make a smooth transition into this office.

What makes you a good addition to the RCTC Board?

Board members should understand something of the history of the RCTC and the continuing challenges in maintaining and improving our trails and the work needed to reach out to the general community in ways that help them to learn the basics of hiking and also help them to make good use of our trails. In addition to having served on the RCTC Board for three years I have been a member of our Planning and Promotion Committee for about two years. I’ve done some work with our Planning & Promotion Committee and recently became co-chair of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. Basically I’ve been immersed in much of the work of the RCTC and have a good and improving understanding of the work that we must continue to do. Most importantly, I love hiking, and I love to spend time with other hikers. Serving the local hiking community well then makes my life more enjoyable.


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