List of potential reroutes, connectors, and extensions, and acquisition targets

Rachel Carson Trail

Connector: Deer Lakes

  • Multiple parcels involved on either side of Bailey's Run Road

Reroute: McKinney Road

  • Mark E. looking at this

Reroute: Hartwood Acres

  • Blue Run valley route
    • Parkinson parcel on east end inaccessible

Reroute: Freeport Rd

  • Lloyd C. exploring ways to cross Riddle Run

Connector: Butler Freeport Trail & Baker Trail

  • Route A - hillside
  • Route B - along Freeport Road

Acquisition: Agan Park area

  • Parcel 730-K-70 (Luther) Frazer Twp 3 acres Approved to buy via VPRP 9/6/2022 $5000
  • Parcel 730-E-187-1 (Elliott) Frazer Twp 3.5 acres Approved to buy via VPRP 9/6/2022 $4600
  • Parcel 732-C-200 et al (Burrell Group) Springdale Twp 53 acres Sales Agreement in progress 9/15/2022
  • Parcel 730-F-95 (Smith) Frazer Twp 20 acres South border of Jannello farm

Acquisition: Crawford Run area

  • Parcel 960-J-210 (East Deer Associates) East Deer Twp 7 acres On hold, deed restriction prohibits tax exemption

Acquisition: Emmerling Park area

  • Parcel 836-D-170 (Miller) Indiana Twp 192 acres
    • Status?
  • Parcel 836-E-207 (D&D Supply) Indiana Twp 60 acres
    • Explore grant opportunities?
  • Parcel 836-E-275 (Bartolini) Indiana Twp 10 acres
    • Make inquiry

Connector: Beechwood Farms

  • Rangers blazed a trail along the private road but landowner Little objected. County removed from trail app, but also on Alltrails
  • Need to meet with the rangers and Dr. Little

Acquisition: Parcels east of Burtner Road

  • Will be expensive, need to seek partners

Baker Trail

Reroute/Restoration: Kiski bridge

Reroute: Keystone Lake

  • Kovalchick corridor

Reroute: Route 954

Harmony Trail

Extension: Bradford Woods