Participant Information

Harmony Trail 5K 2021 - November 14


The location of the event is 5500 Brooktree Road, Wexford, PA. When you turn onto Brooktree Road, follow the signs.

Race Time

The race starts at 9:00 AM.


The Harmony Trail 5K will take place rain or shine. All participants must check in at 5500 Brooktree Road, Wexford, PA at least 15 minutes prior to race start time. Please pin the bib on your front so the number is visible.


You'll receive further instructions at check-in. Due to the narrow nature of the trail, runners will have staggered start times. Please be patient!

Aid Stations

There will be an aid station approximately 2 km from the start.


This is a loop course and all participants will finish near the start, 5500 Brooktree Road.






The course is a combination of wooded and rail trails in addition to some street and sidewalks. Some trail surfaces are single-track or forest areas, which can include rocks, roots, sticks, branches, humps, as well as two stream crossings which will be dry provided no significant rainfall occurs during the event. The course will be marked with American flags. You will be required to run on sidewalks denoted with flags through the various neighborhoods. An exception is one street crossing which will be marked.

There are several hill climbs/decent with up to 300 foot of elevation change.

Course Map

Preliminary course, subject to change.


Please adhere to these rules or risk disqualification:

  • Runners must cross the start and finish lines where their overall time will be recorded.
  • Runners are not permitted to obtain any outside assistance. If a runner leaves the course for any reason (including getting lost), they must return to the course by their own power at the point they left it.
  • Runners must stay on the course denoted by American flags, Marshals will be monitoring the course and can also provide direction if needed.

ID Tags

If you drop out and don't make it to the finish, please give your ID tag to a Marshal.


Please note:

  • Watch the weather forecast closely to know what gear to bring; the race will happen rain or shine.
  • Stay on the course!
  • Backtrack to find the last course marker and reassess your direction if you haven't seen a flag in a hundred yards or so, as you may have missed a turn.
  • Respect the trail and neighborhoods. The race is occurring on private property. Please be courteous to residents who are supporting our event.
  • Clean up any trash you bring. There are trash receptacles at 5500 Brooktree Road.
  • Stop if you feel sick!


We'll need quite a few volunteers to help us with the event. Please cajole and/or coerce your friends, relatives and co-workers into helping!