Trail Mix Recipe

The following is the nutrition breakdown for my trail mix recipe. Intended for use in long distance trail hiking/running events in hot weather, such as the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge. This gives salt from crackers, nuts and pretzels, fructose from raisins, and carbohydrate/protein ratio of 4:1, which is ideal for endurance events as well as recovery meal. 20% fat is good for endurance type events. As for the soy nuts, I think all the stores have them...Giant Eagle in Nature's Basket section, a health food store...just watch for hydrogenated fat in them. You may make substitutions (if you don't like these foods), but keep the calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat about the same. To calculate: Carbohydrate and Protein have 4 calories/gram while Fat has 9 calories/gram.



cracker--10 ea.-----2-----120---22-----2------3

soy nuts-1/2 cup---2-----388---28-----34-----19

pretzel--2 oz.-------2-----220---44-----6------2

cheerio--2 cup------2-----220---44-----6------4